Coral Princess Hotel and Resort

Coral Princess Hotel and Resort
Cozumel, ROO 00000


The Coral Princess is a self-contained resort on Cozumel , an island paradise in the Mexican Caribbean. A 20-minute plane ride from Cancun or 45-minute ferry from Playa del Carmen, Cozumel draws divers and snorkelers to the second longest barrier reef in the world. Steps from the Coral Princess beach lead snorkelers and divers onto the crystalline waters of Punta San Juan Reef, one of the island's top dive sites. Those who prefer to remain on top of the water enjoy boating, fishing, pristine beaches and ideal weather. Sunshine is the rule and temperature hovers around 80 degrees (F) year-round. Watching the spectacular sunset is a daily ritual. The Coral Princess Hotel & Resort overlooks the turquoise Caribbean on the quieter north side of the island. A 5-minute ride from Cozumel International Airport , the Coral Princess Hotel & Resort is less than two miles from downtown San Miguel for dining, shopping, nightlife and the ferry to Playa del Carmen.
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