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We've all found that instant, on-the-spot communication significantly increases our productivity and the ease with which we live our lives.

Yet - when we leave the country, we somehow accept a drastic reduction (or complete elimination) of our ability to instantly communicate with our loved ones, our partners, nearby shops and services -- mostly due the high cost and/or inconvenience of obtaining cost-effective cellular service.

We go though great lengths and consume a lot of valuable vacation time to try and pre-schedule everything instead - just to find that these complicated schedules don't work anyway and we end up doing many things we'd prefer not to do and/or waste large blocks of time getting our schedules and plans re-synchronized with the schedules and plans of others.

Of course - that's what cell phones were invented for, and I'm sure that everyone at home reading this has asked themselves at one time or another - "How did we live before we had cell phones?!"

It's with great pleasure then that such need no longer be a concern. You need no longer forgo the utility of your cell phone when out of the country, because now you can call others and get calls from others at a lower cost than people that live there.

Mexitel features:

New & like new Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung cell phones which are specifically desgined to operate in Mexico

Phones with phone numbers which are LOCAL to Cancun itself, ensuring the very best service at the lowest price (the same price paid by people that live there).

VOIP service (no computer required) to reduce the additional cost of calling internationally to Japan, Australia, Europe to 2 cents per minute.

Mexitel will ship your phone to you before you leave your home. This way, you have a dependable means to contact others, both in Mexico and at home, from the moment you land - without risking or paying exhorbitant rates to use your own phone equipment.

Mexitel has a 100% customer satisfaction rating with over 200 customer reviews currently on file and available for reiview.

Mexitel Cellular 4 Cancun is dedicated to making your Cancun vacation convenient/safe/fun/affordable.

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