Na Balam

Na Balam
Calle Zazil-Ha No. 118 Playa Norte
Isla Mujeres, ROO

Na Balam means The house of the Jaguar in the Maya language. Na is for house and Balam for Jaguar. The jaguar was a deity for the old Mexican cultures. Mexican people have a strong cultural tradition for hospitality embodied in the saying "mi casa es su casa" - my home is your home. So as a guest of Na Balam, the House of the Jaguar is your house. Our wish is to provide to our guests a refuge of peace and beauty with personalized services so that your stay with us may be memorable. The Caribbean sea and its sunsets within the Maya world can be taken with you with your inner wish to come back home. Na Balam is a refuge for the soul in the Mexican Caribbean on Isla Mujeres, a small island only a 20 minutes from Cancun, it is a site chosen by nature to enjoy every sunrise in Mexico. The Na Balam Hotel is located on the most magnificent beach in the Mexican Caribbean with tropical gardens and hammocks under beautiful palm trees.
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