Tulum, ROO


ZAMAS - a small beach cabana hotel with thatch roofs and colorful tile decor - is pure jungle luxury with a splash of sea. Situated on a strip of the Riviera Maya, the rustic-chic ambience exudes hammock culture. From the open air restaurant w/ muy fuerte margaritas to the weathered-wood beach chairs under large palm shades, the effect is absolutely Caribbean. The spicy days and balmy nights make the daze we dream. Like a sultry love affair, it's untamed and beautiful.


Susan and Daniel stumbled upon the coconut plantation while on their honeymoon. He always wanted to reconnect with his Mexican roots and she wanted to leave her corporate job to be close to her young children. They relocated from San Francisco in a '76 one ton Ford pickup with the license plate "2TULUM."

The transition from urban to jungle living was not easy. The tropical climate, the limited power and water resources, and the language and cultural differences all created challenges that seemed overwhelming at times. The "poco a poco" success mode of the local Mayan culture did not come naturally to the gung-ho pioneering couple.

Despite the steep learning curve, Susan and Daniel continued on, nurtured by the warm reception of so many guests and inspired by the resiliency of the local community. In this thriving enterprise, Daniel has found a love in creating architectural designs in beach-worn hues throughout the property; Susan has enjoyed her role as executive restaurateur.

Since it opened on Dec 17, 1993, ZAMAS, with its hip beachfront style, has enjoyed an eclectic and international clientele of fashion professionals, artists and actors, families, dot-comers and everyone in between. Susan and Daniel's vision was to create a great hang out, mixing colorful urban roots with the laid back local culture, jungle surroundings and tropical wildlife. Their devoted clientele has spread the word and made ZAMAS one of the most popular spots in Tulum today.

Susan, Daniel and their children are grateful for the many personal relations that ZAMAS has introduced in their lives and look forward to many more to come.

Bienvenidos a ZAMAS...
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